Ice Dams – Cessation

The best and most effective way to assure that Ice Dams are never a factor, is through the utilization of several methods:


  • Should be designed in such a way that heat is allowed to escape from the attic/eave area, but still keep the escaping heat from living areas at a minimum.
    While this is a great step, the nature of insulation is that heat loss is expected and should be planned for, which means that the possibility still will exist that Ice Dams can form by only having a well insulated/ventilated roof.
Heating Elements preventing Ice Dams

Heating Elements preventing Ice Dams Thermal Images – Courtesy of


While the ideal of using both these methods to prevent damage from Ice Dam may be out of reach due to several reasons.  There are some great options that are not too costly/involved that could all but eliminate Ice Dams!

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