The Solution for Ice Dams on Roofs installed under the shingle in eaves and valleys  

Ice Dams on Roofs

Ice Dams on Roofs are formed when a ridge of ice forms along the eave of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining. Water is trapped and backs up behind the dam and leaks into the structure causing devastating damage to anything in its way, walls, insulation, ceilings and expensive things that may be inside the house close to the penetrated area. Ice Dams are formed from a combination of snow loads, heat losses from the structure, and outside temperature, building materials, ventilation and structural integrity.. These factors all contribute to severity of the Ice Dam on the roof and the damage that it can cause. Not only can ice dams damage your investment during harsh winter weather, they can also create a hazard around commercial and residential exterior spaces.
ZMesh radiant roof deicing product installed under asphalt shingles.  

Ice Dam Prevention Safety

Traditional solutions for Ice Dams on Roofs and Roof Deicing are difficult to approach. Some roof deicing and snow removal methods involve very dangerous circumstances while attempting to remove snow from a roof by walking on a slick surface or even entertaining the possibility of heavy snow masses and dangerous icicles to fall on the individual trying to perform the task. All of these conventional snow removal methods such as using shovels brooms or snow rakes (which damage roofing materials, causing even more serious threats for leaks) and the action of performing the task become not only a safety and liability issue, but an ongoing hassle. To fix this safety liability we reccomend installing a roof ice melt system
Installing a Roof Ice Melt System will eliminate safety concerns

Roof Ice Melt Systems

Roof Ice Melt System Under Asphalt Shingles

The Solution is Ice Dam Prevention

For Ice Dam Solutions use Heatizon Ice Dam Prevention Products  
The theat of Ice Damage will no longer be an issue with the help of our ice dams prevention and ice dam solution products. Heatizon Systems offers innovative ways that not only protect your investment, your safety, but your peace of mind. Heatizon Systems Roof Deicing products are ivisible to the eye, making them the longest lasting, highest quality roof deicing products on the market. With a 25 year warranty and the versatility for any roof covering material out there. Heatizon Roof Deicing products eliminate the problem of maintenance re-works of products that fail due to heavy snow ripping them from the roof, and self destruction of the wire itself. Do the job once, and save money, with a Heatizon Roof Ice Melt System.