Not Cool Ice Dams… not cool!


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Sure the icicles can be cool looking but Ice Dams are lurking beneath! Ice Dams are formed on a roof when a ridge of ice forms along the eave of a roof and prevents melting snow from adequately draining. Water is trapped and backs up behind the ice dam and begins to leak into the structure causing potentially devastating damage to anything in its way, walls, insulation, ceilings and expensive things that may be inside the house close to the penetrated area. Ice Dams are formed from a combination of snow loads, heat losses from the structure, and outside temperature, building materials, ventilation and structural integrity. These factors all contribute to severity of the Ice Dam on the roof and the extent of damage that it can cause. Not only can ice dams damage your investment during harsh winter weather, they can also create a hazard around commercial and residential exterior spaces.  have no fear, has answers to all your Ice Dam problems!